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Hello, This is Ratan Mondal, Fitness & Weight Management Coach of this community.

I help my clients to reduce extra weight or gain muscles and improve their fitness level. I also provide the online health education program and nutrition training to understand how to eat and maintain their body fit. I am very passionate to work with all ages, from young children to seniors, it’s my duty to serve them properly and make a healthy & happy community. That is why my programs have been designed specifically and customized option for each of them.

I hope you all will be happier & healthier under me. Thank You.

How We Help


Fitness World is committed to ensure your fitness into another level. As a fitness guider we are helping tackle the global health challenges of obesity. We launched various programs and took a global initiative focused on providing best solution ever, that is completely scientific and nutritionally designed. We also providing education to communities around the world, so that people protect themselves from diseases by changing lifestyle and food habits.

Why We

Weight Loss

People thinks, weight loss is possible only doing exercise or morning walk. But the truth is different. Our efficient coach is available, so consult and get easy way to lose weight.

Weight Gain

A general myth about weight gain is consuming much more calories. But actually if you have digestive issue, weight gain is not possible. Talk to our coach & know your reason why?

Weight Maintain

Lot of people already lost their weight, but due to lack of knowledge can’t manage. So, we are here to teach you how maintain your ideal weight and transform into next level.

Boost Energy

Sometimes due to low energy we have to quit an important task. That is all about lack of nutrition due to wrong eating habits. So charge up yourself by plugin to our coach. 

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  • Beltala, Ardebok Road, Barasat, Kolkata – 700125
  • 8910374350


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