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Hello, this is Ratan, Fitness & Weight Management Coach.

People come to achieve their Fitness Goals. What is your concern?

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Make your own health with “Fitness World” one of the best fitness solution through our virtual programs by providing you proper nutrition and fitness guidelines. Start today – benefit from our proven success rate. Meet our experienced coach now.

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The Fitness World has designed this platform to support your health goals – no matter how simple and complex they might be. Whether you are Over weight or Under weight and looking to reach your ideal healthy weight. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Explore our services and discover how you can achieve your health goal with the help of our expert coaches and our community support system. Take the first step toward a better and healthier active you. Start your journey today.

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Fitness World is committed to bring your dream health as a best supportive community in your area. As a fitness leader in wellness industry Fitness World is helping tackle the global challenges of obesity, bad food habit and bad lifestyle. So, we launched brand new weight management program providing virtual exercise and personalized plan with the supervision of our dedicated and knowledgeable expert coaches in an affordable range. Similarly we provide proper nutrition education to enrich your fitness knowledge through the virtual platform to maintain ideal body weight into your dream level for life long.

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Our community is committed to meet your health goal where you can get the best version of new you. We’ve invented an advanced system and virtual methods like- Joint Exercise, Cardio, Belly Fat, Zumba providing balance nutritional meal-plan according to your body parameters. Our facilities benefit from the latest scientific  background and are among the most advanced in the world. All our coaches are very serious, humble and responsible about your health journey, who’ll take care of you for 24 hours with all respects and regards.

Frequent Ask Question

What is Obesity ?

Obesity is a physical disorder involving excessive Body fat that increases the risk of health problems. It often occurs from consuming more calories than our body needs. Generally one person is considered to be an obese  when his weight is greater than ideal weight and BMI is greater than 25, that increases the risk of serious health issues. There are several treatment for obesity like, Bariatric Surgery or intragastric Balloon is an option but those are very costly & risky. But the only remedy of Obesity is lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise or Physical activity 

What is Over weight?
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Why should maintain ideal body weight?

Maintaining an ideal body weight is crucial for overall health, reducing the risk of diseases like heart disease and diabetes, improving physical function, boosting energy levels, enhancing mental well-being, and promoting longevity.

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